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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I find grants for COVID-19 opportunities?

GrantConnect brings all Commonwealth grant opportunities for COVID-19 together in the one portal.  In order to search for these opportunities please use the term ‘COVID-19’ as the search term in the Grant Opportunities page. 

You may wish to register your organisation for automatic notification of Grant Opportunities and Forecast Opportunities. Registration is free and simple at

Grant Opportunities are available from a number of agencies.

What is GrantConnect?

GrantConnect is the Australian Government grants information system. It is intended to provide a central web-based facility for:

• Publishing of all publicly available Australian Government Grant Opportunities, and Forecast Opportunities 
• Electronic distribution of Grant Opportunity documentation and addenda
• Secure electronic submission of Grant Opportunity applications
• Electronic distribution of Forecast Opportunity documentation
• Reporting of all Grant Awards for the Australian Government

What are Grant Opportunities (GO) and Forecast Opportunities (FO)?

Grant Opportunities (GO) is a collective term to describe any notice published on GrantConnect inviting potential recipients to apply for an Australian government grant. Grant Opportunities may be open or restricted and will reflect the relevant grant selection process specified in the Commonwealth Grants Rules and Guidelines (CGRGs).

Forecast Opportunities allow entities to advertise potential Grant Opportunities, providing limited information and an estimated period of release.

All Forecast Opportunities are subject to revision, withdrawal or cancellation. Information about Forecast Opportunities is provided to alert potential grant applicants of upcoming opportunities and to assist in their application planning.

What are Grant Awards (GA)?

Grant Awards (GA) are reported on GrantConnect as the result of a grant being awarded by an Australian Government entity. GA must be published on GrantConnect within 21 days of a grant agreement taking effect.

GA are published on GrantConnect as point-in-time records of the outcomes of grants processes conducted in line with the Commonwealth Grants Rules and Guidelines (CGRGs).

The mandatory reporting of Grant Awards on GrantConnect takes effect from 31 December 2017.

Technology Requirements

Access to GrantConnect requires the use of an internet browser that supports and implements 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

Login access to GrantConnect requires the use of an internet browser that accepts cookies.

GrantConnect system functions have been successfully tested using the current versions of the following operating systems and browsers:

Windows operating system
• Chrome
• Microsoft Edge

MAC operating system
• Safari
• Chrome

You may be able to access GrantConnect via other operating systems, browsers or non-current revisions but these have not been tested by us and may result in access to GrantConnect not operating as intended.

For optimal performance and experience using GrantConnect, we recommend that at all times use the current version of your chosen operating system, software and internet browser.

Screen Resolution

GrantConnect public web pages are responsive by design. This is intended to ensure they render correctly on a broad range of screen resolutions, sizes and aspect ratios included those that can be found on mobile and tablet devices as well as on standard desktops.

What are the benefits of GrantConnect for me as a grant applicant?

GrantConnect is intended to provide the following benefits to applicants:

• One central point to find publicly available Grant Opportunities and Forecast Opportunities advertised by the Australian Government
• Automatic notification of Grant Opportunities and Forecast Opportunities
• Automatic notification of addenda for Grant Opportunities (an amendment or update to the original Grant Opportunities)
• Encrypted and secure electronic submission of grant applications
• Access 24 hours a day 7 days a week (subject to planned and unplanned maintenance activities)

Will I find all Australian Government Grant Opportunities on GrantConnect?

For all non-corporate Commonwealth entities (agencies) under the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013, GrantConnect is the central point for mandatory publication of all publicly available Commonwealth Government Grant Opportunities. Some Corporate Commonwealth entities (agencies) also have publishing obligations. Further information on these obligations can be found at:


How does GrantConnect work?

GrantConnect allows applicants to search and browse publicly available Grant Opportunities and Forecast Opportunities. Grant applicants and other interested persons may also download Grant Opportunity and Forecast Opportunity documentation.

What will it cost to access GrantConnect?

Access to the GrantConnect website and Grant Opportunity and Forecast Opportunity documents are free of charge.

Do I need to register as a user?

You can search GrantConnect and view available Grant Opportunities and Forecast Opportunities without being a GrantConnect registered user. You need to be a GrantConnect registered user to download Grant Opportunity documents, receive automatic notifications or submit grant applications on GrantConnect.

How do I register as a user?

You can self-register on GrantConnect by selecting this link. The internet web address is

What are automatic notifications?

GrantConnect provides an online automatic notification facility for registered users who have registered particular areas of interest in relation to Grant Opportunities. Registered users will then be notified of new Grant Opportunities and Forecast Opportunities via e-mail that match their specified notification profile when they are published.

A registered user can edit their profile at any time to amend their notification profile or disable automatic email notification if it is no longer required.

Can I elect to stop receiving email notification relating to Grant Opportunities on GrantConnect that I have downloaded?

Yes. An 'unsubscribe' link is contained in the addenda notification email sent to GrantConnect registered users who are recorded as having downloaded the Grant Opportunity documents. Selecting the unsubscribe link will take you to GrantConnect. Follow the prompts to complete the process. To register your interest for this Grant Opportunity again you must download the original Grant Opportunity documents to receive notification of any further updates.

Where and how do I submit my grant application?

The location and method in which you submit your grant application will depend on the instructions provided on the Grant Opportunity on GrantConnect and in documentation by the granting agency. It is important that you consider carefully the prescribed submission process, particularly if the instructions are to upload your application online on GrantConnect.

Some agencies may elect not to use the GrantConnect application submission functionality and instead may specify in the Grant Opportunity documentation that another website or process should be used.

If you are unsure about the application submission process for a particular Grant Opportunity, please contact the nominated agency Contact Officer.

If you are unsure about the application upload process on GrantConnect and need assistance, please contact the GrantConnect Help Desk.

How do I contact the granting agency?

If you wish to discuss aspects of a particular Grant Opportunity, you will need to contact the granting agency using the contact details as provided by the agency.

Where do I get help or advice?

There are a number of ways in which you can obtain help and advice. GrantConnect is supported by a professional and dedicated team who will be ready to assist you. You may contact the GrantConnect Help Desk by phone or email:

Phone: 1300 484 145
International: +61 2 6215 2111

The GrantConnect Help Desk is available between 9am and 5pm ACT Local Time, Monday to Friday (excluding ACT and national public holidays).

Please note that questions regarding any aspect of a Grant Opportunity or Forecast Opportunity including the documentation, should be directed to the nominated agency contact.

Why is it important for me to maintain a current email address?

If you download Grant Opportunity documentation it is important for you to ensure that your email address is current. It is to this address that notification about addenda issuance, Grant Opportunity process changes and Grant Opportunity / Forecast Opportunity notifications will be sent.

What are my obligations as a registered user?

As a registered user of GrantConnect, you are required to accept the Terms of Use at the time of registration. They are also available under the 'Policies' heading, if you wish to view them again at any time.

Can I cease using GrantConnect at any time?

You can cease using GrantConnect at any time. If you wish to cease being a registered user please send a request to the GrantConnect Help Desk to have your account suspended. Inactive registered users will be suspended from GrantConnect following a period of inactivity. The period is subject to change from time to time. Registered users will be sent an email to notify them of impending suspension and to allow them to remain active.

I am a registered user and have noticed a Grant Opportunity has been published that is of interest to me, but I did not receive email notification of the opportunity?

You will only receive email notifications that match the keyword(s) or locations that you have selected in your GrantConnect notification profile. 

If you believe you are missing out on being notified of particular Grant Opportunities, check your notification settings and locations selected in your GrantConnect notification profile. 

Email delivery failure and Internet or other technical issues may also occur for a variety of reasons which are outside of GrantConnect’s control or due to problems occurring in your own environment. For this reason, it is advisable that you check GrantConnect periodically for new Grant Opportunities and Forecast Opportunities.

Who is responsible for the GrantConnect website?

The Department of Finance (Finance) is responsible for the management and support of GrantConnect. Finance monitors GrantConnect and welcomes feedback from both users and agencies that can be used by Finance to assess future developments and enhancements.

I have forgotten my password and requested a password reset from GrantConnect but I have not received an email

Check your junk email folders to ensure that the email has not been blocked by your spam filter. Otherwise, contact the GrantConnect Help Desk.

RSS Feed – Current Grant Opportunities

Rich Site Summary (RSS) provides a feed of frequently published website information. RSS feeds are readable through many web browsers, email accounts and dedicated RSS feed readers.

To supplement customised email notification, an RSS feed of all publicly available Grant Opportunities currently out to the market has been implemented on GrantConnect’s Current Grant Opportunity web page. The feed is intended to be updated daily after business hours.

To subscribe to the RSS feed, click on the icon or select the ‘Subscribe to Feeds’ link on the top right of the page, and select an appropriate RSS reader.

What does the Last Login mean?

When you are logged into GrantConnect a Last Login date displays under “Welcome User” in the Login box. The Last Login is the last date the user successfully logged in to GrantConnect or had their account reactivated by the GrantConnect Help Desk.