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Grant in Aid

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Department of Finance
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30-Jun-2022 12:00 pm (ACT Local Time)
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Grant in Aid
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121002 - Cultural Heritage
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Closed Non-Competitive


The objectives of the Grants in Aid Program is to support an efficient and high-performing public sector by providing assistance to non-profit making organisations for the provision of support on services to benefit a wide section of the community, directly or indirectly, in a demonstrable way. For example, by providing direct services to groups with special needs or support for activities, which the Government would otherwise perform at greater expense.  

Grants in Aid recipients have general objectives acceptable to the AustralianGovernment and are representative of the parties concerned.  Grant in aid recipients support an efficient and high-performing public sector through their contributions to public policy debate. Grant in Aid recipients also provide information to the Australian Government in raising awareness and prompting improvements in public sector governance.

Recipients also have appropriate expertise and are able to provide some input (either monetary or non-monetary) to the outcome they provide. 

The recipients of Grants in Aid have been determined over a number of years, under the authority of government. Access to Grants in Aid is limited to the identified recipients and is dependent upon their ongoing compliance and adherence to all eligibility criteria and reporting requirements.

The Grants in Aid Program, administered by the Department of Finance, is a continuous non-competitive targeted grant program. Entities that are not already participating in the current process cannot apply for funding, as funding for the program is closed to new applicants. 

The Grant in Aid program allows grant recipients to continue the development of their organisations, in the fields of humanities research, public policy, science and the promotion of animal welfare.


Eligible applications will be considered through a restricted non-competitive grant process, which includes the provision of satisfactory responses to the grant application questions. Only applications from the following will be considered:

  • Chifley Research Centre Limited
  • Menzies Research Centre Limited
  • Page Research Centre Limited
  • Green Institute Limited
  • Australian Institute of Policy and Science
  • RSPCA Australia Inc
  • Royal Humane Society of Australasia Inc.
Instructions for Application Submission:

All grant applications must be received using the relevant application form, which will be provided to each applicant, once the previous audited financial statements have been received by the Department of Finance. Please note: This timing can be delayed depending on functions of Government.

The application form can be returned to the Department of Finance by mail or email to:

Department of Finance 

Discretionary Payments Section 

1 Canberra Avenue

Forrest ACT 2613


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