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Archived Grant Opportunity View - GO5339

MRFF - 2021 Early to Mid-Career Researchers Grant Opportunity

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National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC)
Close Date & Time:
20-Jul-2022 5:00 pm (ACT Local Time)
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Co-sponsored with:
Department of Health and Aged Care
Primary Category:
231013 - Medical Research
Publish Date:
Selection Process:
Targeted or Restricted Competitive


The objective of this grant opportunity is to provide grants of financial assistance to support Australian medical research and medical innovation projects that:

  • Stream 1 (Incubator): Conduct early stage small-scale research led by early career researchers that seeks to assess the potential feasibility of novel strategies to address a critical or intractable health issue
  • Stream 2 (Accelerator): Establish a large-scale interdisciplinary research program led by mid-career researchers that drives implementation of substantial improvements to health care and/or health system effectiveness
  • Stream 3 (Targeted Call for Research): Utilise co-funding between MRFF, a sponsoring academic organisation and partner organisation(s) to accelerate translation of research led by early to mid-career researchers.

This grant opportunity is being administered by NHMRC on behalf of the Australian Government Department of Health. 

Further information on the Medical Research Future Fund is available from the Department of Health website.


Applications will only be accepted from approved MRFF Eligible Organisations. A list of approved MRFF Eligible Organisations is available from the GrantConnect GO Documents and from the Approved MRFF Eligible Organisations list on the NHMRC website.

Applications must satisfy all the requirements set out in the Medical Research Future Fund - 2021 Early to Mid-Career Researchers Grant Opportunity Guidelines.

To be eligible in a Chief Investigator role, researchers must meet the definitions for the relevant streams on application closing date, as outlined in section 3.2 of the Grant Opportunity Guidelines.

A person must not be named as a Chief Investigator (CI) on more than one application submitted to a Stream of this grant opportunity. If a Chief Investigator is named on more than one application submitted to a Stream, both applications will be considered ineligible.

Grant Activity Timeframe:

The maximum project period in each Stream is as follows:

  • Stream 1 (Incubator): two years
  • Stream 2 (Accelerator): five years
  • Stream 3 (Targeted Call for Research): four years.
Total Amount Available (AUD):


Estimated Grant Value (AUD):

From $0.00 to $5,000,000.00

Instructions for Application Submission:

Applicants are advised to read the Grant Guidelines thoroughly and liaise with the MRFF Eligible Organisation that will submit the application to identify any specific requirements that the organisation might have.

Applicants should note that an application may be submitted to one of the three Streams only.

Applicants must specify the Stream to which they are applying in their application.

Applications must be submitted electronically using NHMRC’s online granting system (Sapphire).

Other Instructions:

Minimum Data closes at 5:00 pm (ACT Local Time) on Wednesday 29 June 2022.

Questions should be submitted no later than 1:00 pm (ACT Local Time) on Wednesday 6 July 2022.

Addenda Available:

Contact Details

NHMRC Research Help Centre

1800 500 983