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Current Grant Opportunity View - GO5304

Aged Care Services - Specialist Dementia Care Program

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Health Grants Team


Department of Health and Aged Care
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30-Jun-2024 2:00 pm (ACT Local Time)
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Primary Category:
101001 - Aged Care
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101003 - Dementia
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Targeted or Restricted Competitive

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The Specialist Dementia Care Program (SDCP) is an Australian Government initiative that provides care for people exhibiting very severe behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia, who are unable to be appropriately cared for by mainstream aged care services. 

The program offers specialised, transitional residential support, focussing on reducing or stabilising symptoms over time, with the aim of enabling people to move to less intensive care settings. 

Under the SDCP, the intention is that there will be 35 SDCP units established, with a unit in each of the 31 Primary Health Network (PHN) regions.

To date 10 SDCP units have been established nationally across 9 PHN regions as part of the Phase One Grant Opportunities.

The purpose of the Phase Two SDCP Grant opportunity is to identify aged care providers with capacity to establish the remaining SDCP units through the use of targeted competitive and non-competitive approaches commencing from December 2021. 


Targeted Competitive grant opportunity 

For the targeted - competitive grant opportunity, all eligible organisations located within the designated PHN region may apply. A Department of Health and Aged Care - Your Aged Care Newsletter article will be used to advise organisations of the Grant Opportunity through GrantConnect.

Closed non-competitive grant opportunity

For the closed non-competitive grant opportunity, only the organisation invited by the Department of Health and Aged Care will be eligible to apply for the Grant Opportunity through GrantConnect. 

To view the grant opportunity documents, please select the red "GO Documents" button on the left hand side of GrantConnect.



 To be eligible to apply you must be: 

• an organisation invited to apply by the Department of Health and Aged Care (either via email or Your Aged Care Newsletter article depending on the approach type); and

• an Approved Aged Care Provider.



Total Amount Available (AUD):


Estimated Grant Value (AUD):

From $0.00 to $5,500,000.00

Instructions for Application Submission:

Closing dates will be specified in either the invitation to apply or via the Your Aged Care Newsletter article from the Department of Health and Aged Care.

Current/Forecast opportunities:

Targeted competitive and closed non-competitive grant opportunities will be advertised in late 2023 and early 2024.

Submit your application to with the email subject line “GO5304 Specialist Dementia Care Program Application” followed by your organisation’s name.

If you do not receive an email (including auto reply) within 48 hours please contact the department on (02) 6289 5600.


Other Instructions:

Please only submit your application in .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx or .pdf format. Applications cannot exceed 20MB. Do not include macros, zip or password protect applications or attachments.

Addenda Available:

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Health Grants Team