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Archived Grant Opportunity View - GO349

Family Relationships Services Programme (FRSP)

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Attorney-General's Department
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8-Dec-2021 9:30 am (ACT Local Time)
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Primary Category:
131008 - Family Services and Children
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101005 - Social Support
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Open Non-competitive


The objective of the Family Relationships Services Programme (FRSP) is to improve the wellbeing of Australian families, particularly families with children, who are at risk of separating, or who have separated. 

This grant opportunity, GO349, specifically relates to the Family Law Systems Projects component of the FRSP, as described in the FRSP Guidelines which are available on this website. Funding is only available for discrete projects which build the capacity of the family law system to assist families who are at risk of separation or have separated. This can include projects to support the family law services which are separately funded under the FRSP, such as family law counselling, children’s contact services and family dispute resolution. Funding could be sought for activities such as training for staff of the family law services or research into issues relating to family separation. Limited funding is available for applications submitted for this grant opportunity.

Funding is not available through this grant opportunity for proposals focused on domestic violence, mental health, parenting skills or other issues if those proposals are not directly linked to supporting family law services and the wellbeing of separated and separating Australian families. Funding is not available to establish new family law services, or to increase ongoing base funding for existing family law services.

Family Law System Projects

Funding may be provided to support a range of projects that build the capacity of the family law system, including:

  •  research, evaluation, policy development
  • resources for family law system professionals
  • improving access by families to family dispute resolution and other related support services; and
  • one-off funding to existing family law services to address location-specific need*.

 *This does not provide a mechanism to increase ongoing base funding to existing services.


Funding under this programme can only be provided to recipients who have a registered ABN/ACN.


Instructions for Application Submission:

Applicants must complete the application form available on the GrantConnect website. Instructions are available in the application form. Applicants must answer all questions within the word or page limits specified. Responses must clearly demonstrate how the proposed activity would improve the lives of families experiencing separation.

The department does not have to fund a proposal even if it fits within the FRSP Guidelines. Funding is dependent on a number of factors including government priorities and funds available at the time of application.

Email the complete application form and any supporting documents to All documents must be received together with the application form at the time of submission.   

Other Instructions:

Assessment criteria

Applications for this funding must address the four criteria (each with equal weighting): 

• Programme Objective

• Value for Money

• Government priorities, and

• Capacity of the organisation.

The FRSP grant opportunity is governed by the Commonwealth Grants Rules and Guidelines 2017 (CGRGs), Financial Framework (Supplementary Powers) Act 1997 and Regulations 1997 (FFSP Act and Regulations), and the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 (PGPA).

Applications must demonstrate their alignment with this legislation, in particular the definition of a grant in the CGRGs. A grant is an arrangement for the provision of financial assistance to a grantee other than the Commonwealth, to assist the grantee to achieve their own objectives while addressing one or more of the Government’s policy outcomes.

All projects funded under the FRSP are approved either by the Attorney-General or by the relevant departmental delegate.

Addenda Available:

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