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Northern Territory Pathways to Community Control

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Department of Health
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30-Jun-2024 2:00 pm (ACT Local Time)
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251005 - Indigenous Health
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Closed Non-Competitive


This grant opportunity enables the awarding of grants under the Pathways to Community Control (P2CC) program. The purpose of this grant opportunity is to support an organisation to transition health service delivery to Aboriginal community control under the P2CC Program. The grant supports the planning and implementation of the transition, which can include:

  • development of corporate and clinical governance models and systems;
  • development of a health plan for the region;
  • community engagement and stakeholder consultation;
  • Memorandum of Understanding (MOUs);
  • required changes to the legal entity of the organisation and related governance structures;
  • capacity building activities; and
  • agreement of an evaluation strategy.

The objectives of this grant opportunity are:

  • to support the organisation to build its capacity and capabilities to deliver culturally safe, sustainable and high quality comprehensive primary health care services;
  • no or limited impact on service delivery during the transfer period with all planned programs, staff, and services transferring on the agreed date; and
  • the completion of a successful transition, resulting in the transfer of Indigenous Australians’ Health Programme primary health care funding for the ongoing operation of health services from the Northern Territory Government to the organisation.

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To be eligible you must be the organisation/s invited to be considered by the Commonwealth Department of Health. 

Organisations invited to participate in the program have been approved by the Northern Territory Aboriginal Health Forum (NTAHF) and the Commonwealth Department of Health to take up operations of the health service from the Northern Territory Government. The Northern Territory Government (NTG) is supporting this transition through the NT Department of Health and either the Top End Health Service or Central Australian Health Service, depending on the location.  

A well-established process exists to set priority regions and identify organisations, endorsed by the NTAHF. The NTAHF is made up of members from the Aboriginal Medical Services Alliance Northern Territory (AMSANT), the Northern Territory Government, the Northern Territory Primary Health Network and the Commonwealth Department of Health. As part of the process, a Regionalisation Proposal (business case) must be developed by the organisation, demonstrating such factors as need, capability and community support.  The Regionalisation Proposal must be first endorsed by NTAHF, prior to a grant being considered by the Department under this grant opportunity.

The organisation/s invited to be considered have been assessed to have:

  • capability to deliver the project activities in the project location;
  • existing infrastructure and relationships to support the project activities;
  • experience, knowledge and capability to deliver the project objectives and outcomes; and
  • approval of the NTAHF to transfer Northern Territory Government health service delivery to community control.

The process undertaken to determine eligible organisations is consistent with best practice under the Commonwealth Grants Rules and Guidelines, particularly Section 8 Collaboration and Partnership, which encourages seeking input from government and non-government stakeholders to achieve better outcomes.

Total Amount Available (AUD):


Instructions for Application Submission:

The eligible organisations does not need to submit an application for this grant opportunity.

An assessment of the eligible organisations suitability to receive a grant will be made against the criterion in section 6 of the Grant Opportunity Guidelines. The department will examine existing information it holds, and may seek additional information from within the Commonwealth and/or information about you that is available through the normal course of business including:

  • written support for the transition and endorsement of the business plan from NTAHF, the business plan and associated documentation including;
    1. Transition plan, including activities and timeframes;
    2. Stakeholder engagement plan, including a community engagement framework;
    3. Project governance;
  • proposed operating budget for the transferring health service / clinic/s; and
  • a risk management plan (including the Commonwealth’s current risk rating for this organisation).
Other Instructions:

In addition, and where available, the department will consider the performance of your organisation over previously funded years, past value for money, compliance with the grant agreement, progress towards meeting grant activity milestone, including a history of unspent funds or under delivery, complaints, quality and any performance concerns.

Contact Details

Health Grants Team

(02) 6289 5600