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ASIO Scheme

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Attorney-General's Department
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151004 - Legal Services
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The Attorney-General's Department administers the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation scheme which provides legal financial assistance for a person summoned by the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) to appear before a prescribed authority for questioning.

Applications can be made to the department for grants to cover legal representation costs and related expenses.

Applications must be made in accordance with the terms of any authorisation that permits disclosure of information for the purpose of making an application for financial assistance.


The Attorney-General's Department cannot help people facing criminal charges in Australia or with legal matters under state or territory laws. For these matters, contact your local legal aid office.

The Attorney-General's Department will not generally grant funding:

  • to people who can meet their legal costs without incurring serious financial difficulty
  • for costs incurred before an application is made, unless the scheme allows for reimbursement.
Grant Activity Timeframe:

Complete applications will be assessed within 28 days.

Incomplete applications will not be assessed. You will be notified if your application is incomplete.

Seeking a review of a decision

If you disagree with a decision (or any part of it), you may request a review in writing.

If a review is sought, the whole application will be considered by a decision maker who did not make the original decision. The written request must explain why you believe that the decision was wrong and must be received within 28 days of the date of the letter.

For more information on seeking a review please refer to the Decision Review - FAQ's and Request form available in GO Documents section.

Total Amount Available (AUD):


Instructions for Application Submission:

You can apply online or download the application form and email a completed copy to with the required attachments:

The relevant documents in the GO Documents section are:

  • ASIO Application form

Other Instructions:

The Australian Security Intelligence Organisation scheme is administered under the Commonwealth Guidelines for legal financial assistance under s34ZX of the ASIO Act 1979.

The guidelines are expressed to end when s34ZX of the ASIO Act ceases to have effect, unless revoked earlier. Section 34ZZ of the ASIO Act provides that Division 3 of Part III (including section 34ZX) will cease to have effect on 7 September 2018.


All applications for legal financial assistance are confidential, as explained in the Privacy - Legal Financial Assistance document.

Information for lawyers

If assistance is granted for legal representation, the department is to be invoiced directly, by email to

Complete invoices are paid in approximately 28 days.

Incomplete invoices are returned without being assessed.

For more information see the Legal Financial Assistance - Assessment of Costs document.

All documents are available in the GO Documents section.

Addenda Available:

Contact Details

Legal Financial Assistance Casework section

02 6141 4770