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Australian Biological Resources Study: National Taxonomy Research Grant Program

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Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment
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11-Dec-2019 11:00 pm (ACT Local Time)
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321003 - Scientific Research
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Targeted or Restricted Competitive


The Australian Government is inviting applications via a targeted competitive process to apply to contribute towards outcomes under the Department of the Environment and Energy’s Program 1.2: Science, Information and Research commencing in the 2020-21 financial year.

The Australian Biological Resources Study National Taxonomy Research Grant Program provides grants for research into taxonomy and systematics and to support the training and/or recruitment of taxonomists.

The program is the only grant program in Australia that is targeted towards the support of research into taxonomy, to:

  • improve our knowledge of the Australia biota through targeted taxonomic research
  • increase funding for taxonomy through enhanced co-funding opportunities
  • build Australia’s taxonomic capacity by supporting tertiary research training and early career researchers. 

Benefits of the program include:

  • increased support for students and early career researchers (including provision for retired taxonomists to mentor younger researchers through support for non-salaried researcher positions)
  • provision for major, national-scale investigations incorporating multiple researchers and institutions. 

Grant applications must address at least one of the Australian Biological Resources Study: Priority Areas for Research Grants.


An applicant must be a Principle Investigator/student associated with, and hosted by, an appropriate institution or a retired or unemployed Australian citizen (person) for the Non-Salaried Researcher Grant. Appropriate institutions include, but are not limited to, Australian museums, herbaria, universities and other government agencies that support taxonomic research. An institution supporting a Principle Investigator/student must have an interest and capacity to support taxonomic research.

To be eligible researchers and institutions must be one of the following entity types: 

  • Indigenous Corporation
  • Company
  • Corporate Commonwealth Entity
  • Non-Corporate Commonwealth Entity
  • Non-Corporate Commonwealth Statutory Authority
  • Commonwealth Company
  • Corporate State or Territory Entity
  • Non-corporate State or Territory Entity
  • Non-corporate State or Territory Statutory Authority
  • Local Government
  • Cooperative
  • Incorporated Association
  • Sole Trader
  • Statutory Entity
  • Partnership
  • Person
  • Trustee on behalf of a Trust
  • Unincorporated Association
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