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Archived Grant Opportunity View - GO2359

Expansion of Heart of Australia Mobile Specialist Health Clinics

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02 6289 5600

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Department of Health
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26-Aug-2019 2:00 pm (ACT Local Time)
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231018 - Public Health Services
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Closed Non-Competitive


This grant opportunity is to support Heart of Australia’s operational costs of two additional mobile specialist clinics, increasing Heart of Australia’s operational capacity from 16 to 25 communities across Queensland. Funding will also help to build a third mobile clinic to service Northern Queensland and the Cape. The objective of this grant opportunity are to improve the health outcomes of people living in rural, regional and remote locations by encouraging health professionals to work in these areas and supporting the delivery of outreach health activities.

Specialist consultations in the mobile specialist clinics will include:

* Cardiology; endocrinology; sleep medicine; psychiatry; geriatric medicine; immunology; general medicine; neurology; gastroenterology; and gynaecology.

* Diagnostic medical equipment that will be supported will include: cardiac stress testing; ECG monitoring; 24 hour heart rhythm monitoring; cardiac ultrasound; colposcopy; sleep apnoea testing and device fitting; nerve conduction studies; liver fibroscan; respiratory function testing; 24 hour blood pressure monitoring; and telehealth services.

* Non-critical initiatives such as GP education programs, community health events and the hosting of medical students on board the mobile specialist clinics will be supported by Heart of Australia.

The mobile specialist clinics will continue to improve access to health services for people in regional, rural and remote Queensland by supporting investigation, diagnosis and consultation facilities.


This is a closed non-competitive grant opportunity. Only the following organisation is eligible to apply:

* Heart of Australia Pty Ltd, ABN 79 150 297 288.

We cannot consider your application if you do not satisfy all the eligibility criteria.

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Submit your completed application to by 2.00pm Canberra local time Monday 26 August 2019.


Other Instructions:

Please only submit your application in .doc, .docx or .pdf format. Applications cannot exceed 20MB. Do not include macros, zip or password protect applications or attachments.

Contact Details


02 6289 5600

Email Address: